Interlayer Acid-fast staining kit

Sandwich Vessel Concentration Technology is an innovative concentration method, which collects bacteria through membrane filtration and adsorption process to significantly improves the positive rate. The membrane can be directly dyed and examined by microscope.
Significant increased in positive rate: 20-30% sensitivity rated increased in AFB testing (Based on published paper)
Easy to observe:
Target bacillus 20-50 times concentrated
Clean Background:
Interfering impurities are well digested
Enhanced Bio-safety Performance:
Specimen is inactivated before staining and the device provides a closed waste fluids collection system
Easy to operate:
Fully automated and semi-automated device for standardizing the test
Multiple specimen type:
Urine/ cervical sample/ cerebrospinal fluid/ pleural effusion/ sputum…
Sandwich Vessel Concentration Technology is a bacillus concentration method. In AFB testing, it is able to concentrates 50+ times target bacillus during sample loading process by a special nano-membrane to significantly increase the positive rate. After inactivation and staining process, this membrane with stained bacillus can be directly observed under microscope. Hence, this diagnostic technology leads to safe operation procedures, presents a clean background vision to ensure easy observation, and could boost TB diagnostic achievement in the high TB burden regions.