Substance use during the coronavirus pandemic

Although the reason that caused the first contagion of coronavirus is not clear, it is a fact that has changed life as we know it. It has led people to isolate themselves out of necessity and not as an option. To close off from the rest of the world with the intention of staying healthy and protecting their loved ones.

Many people have had to adjust their lifestyles . Social gatherings are now on digital platforms, offices have moved to homes, and hygiene is more careful. However, there are habits such as substance use that are not so easy to change.

Unfortunately, if a person uses some type of drug and has created dependency, that will not stop in quarantine. It may not be easy to get it anymore, so they will replace it with those that are within their reach.

Avoid contagion of COVID if there is substance use


If you know someone who needs to take any drug or substance, for whatever reason, you can help them. When some type of treatment is administered, care must be taken to avoid contagion of coronavirus with these measures:

  • Do not share consumables
  • Clean and disinfect material and packaging
  • Wash your hands well before and after applications
  • Be very careful with the doses, to avoid overdose
  • Do not manipulate another person’s material

These measures apply to those who suffer from a degenerative disease, which places them in the vulnerable population. Anyone who uses strong substances that engage the immune system qualifies in the category. No matter the age.

That is why the best action is prevention . The timely detection of drug use , before it becomes an abuse. And this begins at home, detecting attitudes such as:

  • violent mood swings
  • Increase in stress levels
  • lethargy
  • Dilated pupils
  • Need to get drug consumption

Family health is a very important topic , especially while fighting a global pandemic. That is why wizbioglobal has home anti-doping tests with which you can protect your loved ones. Easy to use and with excellent results. To continue avoiding COVID-19 and preventing addictions in your home.

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